Customers reviews

“My experience of the Twyford Chiropractic clinic has been truly first class. Gail understands me and knows exactly what is needed and when and where. A brilliant practitioner she is also friendly with plenty of tips for ‘homework exercises’ that really do work! A truly first class service with text message reminders the day before and a thorough understanding of the complexities of the human body makes it easy to recommend to friends and family. Thanks for ‘straightening me out!”
“I contacted Gail for treatment on a frozen shoulder after discovering she practices the Neil Asher Technique. Her treatments had amazing success in restoring full range of movement to my shoulder. Gail’s approach is always professional, but she also has an easy bed side manner. I have had no hesitation in recommending her to my friends.”
“Gail is an exceptional chiropractor. I tried multiple practitioners for the issues I used to have with my coccyx for over ten years, however Gail was the only one who made a difference and fixed the problem. I now have no pain in that area at all. I continue to see Gail every eight weeks for the general tightness in the lumbar area and always walk out feeling taller! With the excellent advice Gail gave me of starting regular pilates classes, it’s helping me build up my core strength. As well as her professionalism, Gail is lovely and has certainly become an integral part of my health care regime.”
“Gail has been treating me for the past 13years due to a prolapsed disc which trapped the sciatica nerve. I was in agony & could not walk but due to her care & kindness l gradually managed to get about. I am very grateful to her that I’ve got the quality of life that I’ve got today. I do have regular check ups but if l’ve done something l know l should not do & in pain through it l have only got to make a phone call to Gail to sort me out which she always does.”
“Within 4 sessions I went from excruciating pain (so bad that I thought I had a slipped disk on my upper back) to being able to workout with heavy weights again. A few follow up sessions after and the pain was completely gone. Ms Johnston really knows her science, not only treating the pain but also giving advice on how to keep it at bay.”
“I am finally graduated and looking for a lab based job. Training is going really well after incorporating the stretches Gail taught me, other stretches and mobility training. My squat has improved 30kg since last time I saw Gail, my current lifts are 140kg bench press, 170kg squat and 200kg deadlift. I will forever be grateful to Gail for Gail made me realise the importance of stretching that I neglected for so many years. I hope things are going great for Gail and that the clinic is very busy, I am referring everyone I know to Gail”
“My wife and I are both fit and healthy but both of us suffer from recurring back problems. For well over five years Gail has treated us each time we have injured ourselves; we also both see Gail every few months for preventative care. We have found Gail to be professional, compassionate and caring. We have also found Gail’s treatment and advice very effective. I recently injured my back again resulting in severe pain and very restricted movement. The medication prescribed by the local A&E department and my GP reduced the pain, but taking such medication was not sustainable. Half an hour of acupuncture and chiropractic treatment from Gail increased my mobility vastly and reduced the pain in my back. I now feel a lot more positive about the injury and am confident that with some further treatment I can return to work and carry on with training and running.”
James Farr, January 2016.
Started treatment 31st January with Clare with a very painful back being bed bound for at least a week. I booked in to see Clare and after the first couple of sessions, I felt a lot better! Seven treatments down the line I am fully functioning and back to normal. Highly recommend thanks again!!
Michael Cook
I have been coming to the Twyford Chiropractic Clinic for a little over a year now, seeing Clare, which has more than exceeded my expectations. I have appointments every six weeks as standard in which I always leave feeling great as if I have a new back. Clare does a very good job at building rapport and she's always a pleasure to be around, which makes the whole experience for me significantly better.
Jordan Gunson
After suffering with severe head, neck and shoulder pain for years and trying nearly everything, I began seeing Clare after a recommendation from a friend. From the first appointment, I felt totally relaxed and knew progress was going to be made. Clare was understanding, informative and, most importantly, listened to my concerns, which has in turn resulted in long overdue relief! My pain is easing. I know my triggers. I have exercises to support me at home, and a treatment plan which I feel positive about. Clare is gifted with a number of skills, from adjustments to dry needling, all of which I’ve tried and seen the benefits from. Thank you, Clare, for helping me when it felt like no one could.
T. McKee