Pregnancy, Babies and Children

We have many safe and gentle techniques that make treatment a comfortable and reassuring experience

Chiropractors have specific training for treating women during pregnancy, babies and children. We have many safe and gentle techniques to use that make it a comfortable and reassuring experience.

As an ex-paediatric nurse, Gail took a particular interest in this area and completed postgraduate training under world renown paediatric chiropractors Steve Williams from the UK and Neil Davies from Australia.


Pregnancy is a special time full of expectation and future planning, yet it can also be upset by the onset of aches and pains. Many women think it is not safe to be treated during pregnancy and that they have to put up with the pain; thankfully that is not the case, and it is our privilege to provide pain relief and support at this extraordinary time in your life.

Common complaints during pregnancy that we treat are:

Babies, Children and Teenagers

Chiropractic treatment for babies and children is gentle, safe and effective. Their young bodies respond quickly to treatment, so they often require fewer treatment sessions than an adult.

Babies cannot tell you if their bodies are hurting or feeling stiff, but there is often a clue in their behaviour. A stiff neck may make your baby reluctant to breastfeed on one side. They may favour looking either to the left or right and, if lying in this position frequently, can develop a flat head on one side. A tight jaw may make it difficult to latch on when breastfeeding. A back or pelvis with tight muscles may make it uncomfortable for your baby to lie on their back or on their front.

As children and teenagers the knocks and bumps of playing and the exertion of sport, not to mention the sitting all day at school and then all evening in front of a computer can contribute to pain or injury in the same way that it can in an adult. We believe it is important to care for your body at all stages of life, keeping it balanced and moving freely so that you can live life to the full from birth into old age.