Shoulder pain

With many years of experience treating shoulders, we achieve excellent results in relieving pain and getting you back to the activities that are important to you, whether that is your job, housework, gardening, looking after your family or your favourite sport.

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Shoulder conditions treated by chiropractors include rotator cuff injuries, sprains and tendinopathies, bicipital tendonitis, bursitis, impingement syndrome and adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). Impingement syndrome is characterised by worsening pain when you lift your arm away from your body.

Pain in the shoulder may originate from the neck, from the upper back or from the spinal and rib joints. 

Typical pain patterns

The type of shoulder pain you have will help us determine the cause of your pain.

Causes of shoulder pain

There are multiple causes of shoulder pain, including subacromial impingement, tendinopathies, frozen shoulder, trapped nerves, myofascial pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, strains, sprains, tears and postural issues. Emotional stress can also cause or exacerbate shoulder pain, particularly tension, across your shoulders and up into your neck.

Our treatment approach

To determine the best treatment, it is essential that we identify the underlying cause. Shoulder problems are often related to what is happening in the back and neck and maybe related to something you are doing, such as a repetitive movement at work or in a sport.
We will ask you questions and examine you so that we can make an accurate diagnosis. Typical treatments include mobilisations and manipulations to the joints and muscles to restore movement and reduce pain. Dry needling and cupping are both excellent at reducing pain and tension. K-Laser speeds recovery and aids in good quality tissue repair, resulting in less scar tissue. We also recommend at home exercises which strengthen the area to prevent recurrence; this hastens your recovery, resulting in fewer treatment sessions.