What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath? If I had a pound for every time I was asked…….!

I am not surprised by the confusion because we are in fact very similar. We both treat the musculoskeletal system.

We both treat the entire body – that is all joints and muscles from the head down to the feet (the spine, shoulder, elbows, hips, knees etc….) and all the associated nerves that maybe involved. Attention to the whole body is essential as one part can affect another.

We take a similar approach to caring for our patients/clients. That is we treat holistically, considering the whole person not just the area of pain someone is complaining of.

Both professions are excellent at spinal manipulation as these techniques have been used within both professions for over 100 years. Historically osteopaths have done more soft tissue work and chiropractors more manipulation but now all good chiropractors and osteopaths will be using a variety of techniques including manipulation, myofascial release, core assessment, muscle testing, trigger point therapy, cranial work, postural advice and exercise prescription.

Both are registered professions meaning we are answerable for our actions, must be fully qualified and prove that we are continuously learning and so improving our practice.

So how do you choose?

It is helpful to know something about the individual chiropractor or osteopath as the techniques used vary between individual chiropractors and individual osteopaths. We all develop our own styles and interests as we continue our post-graduate studying. Often influenced by our own life experiences and interests.

Trusting someone to treat you is a very personal experience.   It is important that you find someone you are comfortable with.

So a little more about us…..

Gail – Chiropractor

I love my job and have a healthy work life balance.   I meet new people with new or varied problems every day, which makes my work interesting and keeps me learning. Most people I see arrive with back, neck, shoulder, hip or head pain or some combination of these. I use a variety of techniques. Hands on treatments are usually the quickest way to relieve pain and are best combined with postural and exercise advice to prevent problems and pain coming back.   I work to restore skeletal alignment and muscle balance, making sure the inner and outer core muscles of the body are fully functioning. From these strong foundations problems in other joints – shoulder, knee, elbows etc…. can be more effectively corrected.

I am married with 2 teenage boys, we are just heading into the exam years! In sport my first loves are skiing and running. You will often find me on a training run or walking with our dogs along the local footpaths enjoying our beautiful rolling hills and fields. I understand that for many people getting back to sport as quickly as possible is a priority. One of my pleasures is reading and a current goal is to find more time to go to the theatre.

Community is also important to me, I am involved as a volunteer at our local cricket club.   This year I sponsored the The Twyford St Mary’s PTA Muddy Run and always game for a laugh, I gave my best shot at a flower arrangement representing the clinic for a fun festival of flowers in St Mary’s Church Twyford.

Mike – Osteopath

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